Charlevoix chiropractorVertigo gives a false sense of motion that makes you feel like your surroundings are spinning and moving. Not to be confused with simple dizziness, vertigo’s symptoms usually last longer and are more severe. A Charlevoix chiropractor is an expert who can help you develop a care regimen to address your vertigo concerns.

Note that vertigo is a symptom of an underlying condition and is not an illness. What’s causing it differs for every patient, as it can be due to migraine, benign paroxysmal position vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s disease, or others.

Vertigo has debilitating and uncomfortable accompanying symptoms, making you lose significant hours or even a day just nursing them. If you have been experiencing vertigo, keep reading as this article is for you. In addition, for those of you who have friends and families suffering from vertigo, make sure you share this article with them to help manage their symptoms.


What to Do

Practice healthier sleeping patterns

Sleep benefits you as a whole and is also highly beneficial for those suffering from vertigo. If you’re wondering why your symptoms happen more often than you like, your poor sleep quality might be the culprit. Fatigue causes vertigo as well, and if you do not get a good night’s sleep, you are not getting enough rest which can trigger headaches and dizziness from vertigo.

Keep your body hydrated

Drink the recommended amount of water daily. Healthy hydration levels are vital in keeping your blood pressure normal. Even mild dehydration can trigger lightheadedness and dizziness. A recommended amount is eight full glasses a day, or if you exercise or sweat a lot, go up to 12 full glasses daily.

Take only recommended supplements

It is a must to take supplements prescribed by your physician as some other supplements may interfere with blood pressure and circulation. You may also want to ask your family doctor about vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause vertigo and neurological problems such as feeling off-balance and dizzy.

Evenly distribute meals throughout the day

Practicing balanced food distribution throughout the day can help reduce the symptoms of Meniere’s disease, which causes vertigo. To do this, you will need to consume almost the same amount of food and drinks for each meal. Equally distributing your food intake for the day helps keep the fluid in your inner ear stable.

Consult with a Charlevoix chiropractor

Often, the cause of vertigo is a misalignment in your upper cervical spine. A Charlevoix chiropractor can help confirm and fix the misalignment to ensure your body is balanced and working correctly. In addition, an upper cervical chiropractor in Charlevoix can help relieve your dizzy spells and other symptoms accompanying vertigo.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

What NOT to Do

Smoke tobacco

If you’re one of those who smoke cigarettes daily, eliminating the use of tobacco will prevent dizzy spells and, well, you know, reduce the risk of other health conditions caused by smoking. For those who are victims of second-hand smoking, inhaling the smoke coming from tobacco affects the flow of flood to the inner ear, leading to imbalance and dizzy spells. Stopping tobacco use has a good domino effect that benefits your body and those around you.

Consume high amounts of salt and sugar

One of the best decisions that you can make for your body is to avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and salt; not only will this prevent the onset of vertigo, but it will benefit your mood and your whole body. This includes soda, frozen goods, chips, chocolates– think junk food, as they can trigger vertigo. So, what can you eat instead? 

Choose more healthy and “clean” or those with no preservatives such as vegetables and fresh fruits to help control your body’s amount of salt and sugar. Watch out for goods claiming to be natural and fresh but contain high sugar levels like boxed fruit juices. 

Drink alcohol

Try to limit or eliminate alcohol from your diet. Alcohol can affect your inner ear and brain cells, causing vertigo symptoms. Your internal ear fluids also absorb alcohol components that cause vertigo or a feeling that the world around you is spinning.


Trust a Charlevoix Chiropractor to Help with Your Vertigo

A licensed chiropractor can ensure your optimal recovery from vertigo and its accompanying symptoms. Using the precise technique unique to upper cervical chiropractic, you will no longer experience the uncomfortable feeling that you’re spinning in circles, even avoiding possible recurrence.

The NUCCA method focuses on the two upper bones found in your neck area. These bones play a crucial role in your nervous system and protect the nerves connecting your head, brain, and ears. Unfortunately, due to their delicate structure, these bones are prone to any form of misalignment. When a misalignment occurs, even the slightest ones, it can disrupt communication between your brain and body. This disruption will lead to a problem in your inner ear, such as when draining excess fluid, and is where symptoms like hearing loss and vertigo episodes start to occur. 

Our Charlevoix chiropractor will use gentle and precise NUCCA adjustments to help restore your health naturally, leading to overall wellness. Your licensed chiropractor will assess the severity of the misalignment through imaging such as x-ray and different tools to plan the best course of care to suggest for your complete recovery.

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